Friday, January 01, 2016

No more Ofsted inside-jobs!

News that some schools & academies have been spending thousands of pounds to pay contracted Ofsted inspector to come into their school & teach them how to work the system has clearly had its effect in the Department.

After the lid on the scheme was blown, an announcement has been handed down that from September the practice is officially banned, with Ofsted putting a stop to inspectors being able to freelance in schools to help improve their grade, & the DfE taking away headteachers' powers to use school funds to them.

The contractors have been charging between around £300 & £800 per day to go into schools to perform "Mocksted" inspections - ranging from classroom observations, interviews with governors & rigorous examinations of their safeguarding protocols. Some contractors have gone beyond freelancing & have set up their own firms & agencies that provide schools with inspectors & offer 'Mocksted packages' to schools & academies.

It's thought that the crackdown has come to coincide with Nicky Morgan's announcement (& eventual definition) of coasting schools & the sanctions they will face for receiving an Ofsted grade less than Good. The DfE & Ofsted are now worried that some schools have only been rated above that threshold thanks to inside-jobs by freelance inspectors, & are both keen to stamp it out.

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