Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WHO NEEDS ADVICE – where can you go from here?

Careful readers of SWAS mailings will know the answer already! –
·         Advising is not about telling others, “This is how I did it!” or giving directions on what “not to do” -
·         It is about observing, listening, sharing & exploring professional questions
·         It is a profession of service 
·         Advisers are not “ultimate experts” in Waldorf education
·         They do have to develop some capacities, which are different to those needed for teaching a class
·         They strive to be reflective colleagues, trying to learn from mistakes (including their own)
·         The adviser’s agenda is yours! – the agenda of the reflective practitioner seeking ways to do things even better
·         They visit settings across the country (& beyond) & so can help every teacher to feel part of the collegiality of schools
·         They facilitate networking, not replace it
·         They can do so without the interest of a particular school as the centre of their concern
·         Their work is about “fellowship” - serving collegiality

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