Friday, February 20, 2009

Associate Advisers!

The Steiner Waldorf Advisory Service welcomes its first three Associate Advisers: Andy Phipps, Gabriel Kaye & Jonathan Wolf-Phillips. Associate Advisers offer non-pedagogical support in areas such as administration, regulation & governance. Arrangements for Associate Advisers would normally be negotiated individually between the school & the Associate, as for classsroom assessment, & schools would normally meet the costs involved from their own budgets. However, under certain circumstances, & with prior agreement of the SWAS co-ordinator & SWSF finance team, it may be possible to cover part or all of the costs.

There are many anthroposophically-orientated & other types of consultancy offering support to schools & settings. Staff & Trustees may make their choice as to those with whom they wish to work. Associate Advisers, however, have signed up to the SWAS Code* & by working closely with our pedagogical advisers & the Stourbridge office, will be able to offer services that are tailored & integrated to the needs of our complex organisations. More detailed information is available from the SWAS co-ordinator, but in broad terms Associate Advisers offer the following:

  • Andy Phipps - Ofsted advice & advice on matters of behaviour managment & safeguarding
  • Gabriel Kaye - All areas of school administration & marketing

  • Jonathan Wolf-Phillips - Governance, Associative Leadership (including student associations & individual time-management skills training

* See foot of main page for SWAS Code

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